You’re Ruining Your Fiction eBook with that Book Trailer

Book trailers have increased significantly in popularity among authors over the past few years. With the increased popularity of YouTube and Vimeo, it’s little wonder that self published authors are particularly paying attention to this option for fiction books.

Anything that promotes your eBook can be a bonus. Marketing plans generally don’t come along with the Lulu self publishing package as you can see from reviews. The same holds for a number of other self publishing platforms, though some like Amazon will help a little bit with the marketing. The fact is that even traditional publishing houses leave the majority of the marketing and advertising on the author’s shoulders. But if you just start making the book trailer without doing your research, you’re going to ruin your eBook and your potential following. While many of these tips focus primarily on fiction, they can help with nonfiction eBooks as well.

Keep It Short


“Keep the duration of you trailer for about 1 minute”

If you browse the book trailers on You Tube and Vimeo, you’ll see a wide variety of running times. Little formal guidance exists for book trailers, but you can take your cue from films. The average movie trailer is approximately 1:00 – 1:30 minute and sometimes reaching to 2:30 when it’s for a more popular film. Yet according to Time Magazine, theater owners are lobbying for shorter preview times. The important thing to remember is that often times a great deal of effort, flashy special effects, gripping music, and other important components go into these movie previews. Book trailers don’t have nearly that budget. Yet many authors love the sound of their own voice. Some book trailers can be as long as five to seven minutes. Don’t be that author.
Book trailers need to be kept short. Their purpose is to tease the readers and make them get excited about what’s coming. In this case, it may be a better idea to take the cue from a theatrical teaser. Teasers typically run between 15 and 30 seconds. Do not go over one minute. You’ll have lost your readers, and you may even have convinced them that your book isn’t worth reading.

Keep the Camera Steady


“Hire a professional cameraman”

On Lulu’s self publishing forums, the authors review the worst things they’ve seen in book trailer reviews. Most agreed that a poor quality video typically involved a cameraman who couldn’t keep the camera steady. While Chronicle and the Blair Witch Project may have made their fame and fortune off the found footage genre, your book trailer should not fit into that category. Some people can’t even watch it without getting nauseated or disoriented. Make sure that when you’re filming your trailer that you have a steady hand at the camera and a tripod. It makes an enormous difference.

Don’t Just Hire Your Friends


“Hiring your friends for an eBook trailer is not a good idea”

In additional feedback on writing and self publishing sites like Lulu and Writer’s Weekly, writers review another problem with many book trailers. It’s obvious that the author just hired friends and family to play the roles of the characters or do the voice acting. If your friends and family have talent in drama and voice acting, then that’s great. Otherwise, you’re sending the message that your book is not worth the investment.
Friends and family can be a valuable asset in promoting your book. And you may be able to incorporate them. Writers from these sites like Lulu talk about one of the temptations in self publishing being to rely on them and having an “anything goes” mentality. You must review all of the work that goes into your advertising and your marketing. You must make sure that it looks good in every aspect.

Have a Script


“Write a proper script for your eBook trailer video”

Impromptu speeches and adlibbing have increased in popularity over the past few years as more colleges offer courses and groups for people who love that art. But your eBook trailer is not the place for it. You need to put together a script for your trailer so that everyone stays on track.
The script for your eBook trailer should include either a scene from the story that captures the mood and the tone or a teaser of what readers can expect. Think about what works in a movie trailer. The plot premise is set up, some of the characters introduced, and the excitement revealed. Watch some of your favorite trailers. The actors didn’t just start adlibbing their parts.

Never Just Read


“Use expressions while reading in front of the camera”

Another one of the pet peeves listed at Critique Circle was that sometimes all a book trailer is is the author sitting on a stool and reading a section of the novel. That’s not a book trailer. The book trailer is intended to make you want more. It needs to build energy and excitement. Offering a partial reading can be another marketing tool, but it needs to be advertised as that. The energy and excitement you build in the trailer will translate into added hype for you book and potentially increase the likelihood that they will actually buy it.
This does not mean that you cannot read part of the book during the book trailer. You can, and you probably should. But it should involve more than just you sitting and reading or turning the pages to reveal the illustrations. You need other visual elements to get the readers interested.

Emote When You Read

Whether you read or you hire a voice actor, make sure that emoting happens. Voice emoting makes all the difference between a boring reading and a moving one. Shakespearean actors learn how to modulate their voice and convey intense emotions and varying moods just with the shift of their tones. You don’t have to have that much skill, but make sure that you use an appropriate tone and change your voice.
At the same time, you should avoid doing different voices. For dialogue, have different people play the roles. It just sounds weird when most people try to mimic voices, and, most of the time, it doesn’t work. Not everyone is Mel Blanc, and that’s all right.

Watch the Video Before Launching


“Edit and review the video before launching it”

It may seem like a basic point, but a shocking number of people just upload their videos to YouTube and Vimeo without checking them out. Don’t do that. Watch it at least three times before you upload it. Each time that you watch it, you should be analyzing it to see whether it works for your marketing goals. As a self publishing author, the marketing is on your shoulders. A book trailer can be effective for promoting your eBook, so make sure that the trailer matches the quality of your book. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver, but build up the excitement and make the readers hungry for more.

Don’t Give Away the Plot

Again, it might seem basic, but a number of book trailers on YouTube and Vimeo actually give away their entire plots. For many readers, this destroys the journey. You want to leave some mystery and excitement with your readers. So give them a few key details, and then close the trailer. Don’t tell them who the killer is, and don’t reveal the secret relationships that aren’t to be revealed until the last chapters. It will almost always sound much lamer on the screen than it will when it’s revealed in the course of the book.
Finally, make sure that you have a good and reliable platform to publish your book. A site called has rated the platforms for your convenience, read them here: You can read self publishing review and can compare it with other platforms to make a sound choice. As this is your first book, you should do everything you can to promote it.

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Top 3 Hottest Mobile Apps You’ve Never Heard Of Yet

With thousands of new mobile apps available each month in the Android

Market and the Apple Store, it comes as no surprise that there might be tens or hundreds of hot new apps that you haven’t heard to yet. While there are plenty of older popular apps that you can still enjoy using, you may also be interested in discovering hot new mobile apps that have launched recently, or you have just never heard of them. So here are the top 3 interesting yet less-known mobile apps you can enjoy today.

Top 3 Hottest Mobile Apps you’ve never Heard of Yet

1. Pandora Music Radio App

Pandora Android radio app is a popular application that personalizes your own music station and streams your favorite type of music. Available not only on Android, but also on iPhone, iPad, e-readers and even online directly from their website, Pandora makes it easy for you to discover and listen to your favorite music at home, while driving, or even during your workout at the gym.

Wherever you are, as long as you have access to the Internet, you can access your special customized radio stations using your Pandora Android app and listen to any type of music you are in the mood for. You can create and save up to 100 different custom radio stations for yourself, so you can easily switch between them for various selections of great music.

All you need is a free Pandora account which you can simply sign up for in a few minutes. Then you can download the Pandora Android app for free and start building your own custom stations in no time. Then Pandora will save and remember all your choices and refer to them every time you would like to listen to your favorite music on your Pandora app.

Unlike other radio station apps which only have general categories for various styles of music – such as pop, rock, classic and so on – Pandora uses a much more complex formula to analyze various songs and categorize them more effectively. The formula focuses on various aspects of every song, such as the tempo rate, musical instruments used, and much more.

2. Google Sky Map App

Have you ever wondered what is happening above you in the sky? When staring at the wide dark sky at night, you may vaguely see some stars and wonder what their names are. Using this interesting free app offered by Google, you can simply find out all about the most famous stars and constellations and even less-known planets and stars. It is a fun and educational mobile app to use for both kids and adults.

the world of mobile with a

the world of mobile with a

3. ReelDirector App

Ever happens to you that you would like to send a video you took with your phone to a friend, but the file size is just too large to send using email or text messaging apps? Thanks to the high video quality today’s smartphones provide, you can make HD videos easily using your phone. But the downside to that is having difficulty sharing the video with someone.

ReelDirector App Adds

ReelDirector App Adds

The good news is, ReelDirector helps you shrink the size of your videos easily and with just a click of a button. You can choose between a medium or low quality, which also means a lower file size as a result. Then you can easily save the optimized video to your Camera Roll and conveniently send it to anyone you wish.

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5 Creative First Date Questions That Win Her Attention On Your First Date

So you have succeeded to meet a beautiful, smart girl you like, and she has agreed to go on a date with you. Now what is next? If you have any intention of moving things forward with her – whether physically or emotionally – the impression you leave on your first date is extremely important.

5 Creative First Date Questions that Win Her Attention on Your First Date

1. What is the strangest food you have ever tried?

This is especially a fun creative first date questions if you are having dinner in a restaurant. You can mention that time you tried eating a snail at that Japanese restaurant, and she may hint on the time she ate a snake as a Chinese cuisine. Talking about crazy food experiences makes an entertaining first date conversation, and works like a charm as an icebreaker.

2. What was the most hilarious date you’ve ever been on?

This brings up some entertaining memories of funny past dates, and opens the door to a light-hearted and entertaining conversation with your date with several good laughs. Making a woman laugh is one of the more attractive traits a man can show on a first date.

A good rule of thumb for first

A good rule of thumb for first

3. What is the craziest adventure you have tried this year? And if you travelled back in time,would you try that again?

Another creative question which leads to a vibrant and exciting conversation about recent daring experiences and adventures. You get a chance to show you have an exciting adventurous side that she will find attractive, and you get to find out more about her adventurous wild side as well. It could be a recent skydiving adventure, skiing, spending a night in the deserts of Egypt, and more. The possibilities are endless.

4. What would you do if you won a million dollars today?

Talking about hopes and dreams (instead of fears or worries) is a fabulous first date conversation topic, because it leads the mood in a positive uplifting direction which invites her to want to see you again. This is also a great question to get to know her better by getting a secret insight into how she manages her finances and what her priorities and dreams are in life.

5. Do you have a pet? Tell me more about him/her.

Talking about pets is another fantastic joyful first date topic. By asking her about her pets, you are showing interest in her private life and things she cares about. Women find this an attractive trait in guys, compared to those who go on talking about themselves for hours.

Where would your first date be

Where would your first date be

Based on the above five creative first date questions, you can get a general idea how you can pick creative and interesting questions that leads your conversation to more vibrant and exciting topics. You can simply make your own list of creative original and somewhat weird first date questions. Because weird means different and unique. And women like guys who are different and dare to be unique. It is an attractive trait in men, and you can let your confidence and uniqueness shine through your choice of first date questions and conversation starters.

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The Benefits Of Having More Sex

There’s no two ways about it, every other person in the planet loves to have sex. There’s no reason to be modest, it’s a fact. While there are still people in other cultures who consider it a big taboo, others bask in its benefits. But what’s in it for you, exactly? Is it true that having more sex can lead to better health? Keep on reading to find out what the real score is. This might just be your lucky day.

Sex Boosts Your Immunity System

Don’t be so surprised, but it’s true. We’re not saying that it’s good enough to replace good eating habits, exercise, and health supplements, but it has been known to release high levels of immunoglobulin A, a type of antibody which is a strong protection against infections and colds. All it takes is sex once or twice a week. Not bad, eh?

Sex Reduces Stress

Hormones like oxytocin and endorphines are released during intercourse, which are both known to be good at helping a person calm down during stressful situations. So if you find yourself freaking out about something, try to get it on with your beau. That might just do the trick.

not only have more sex

not only have more sex

It’s Good For The Heart!

If you’re one of those men (or women) who have frequent sex, say a couple of times a week, then you are more likely to have strong avoidance to heart disease, compared to those who only have it once a month, or none at all. So be sure to stay active with your partner to boost your heart’s health. The best news? You’ll have the best of both worlds!

More Restful Nights Of Sleep

Because the hormones that are being released to the body help you distress, it means the chances of you getting pure, uninterrupted beauty sleep also becomes bigger. Now, there are two kinds of sex: The one that makes you feel so wild and alive, and the other one which is more gentle, more relaxing. If you’re aiming for the Zzz’s, we suggest you go for the latter than the former.

5 Health Reasons to Have Sex

5 Health Reasons to Have Sex

Remedy For Menstrual Cramps

It’s simple. When women climax, their uterus contracts. This can be a form of exercise to relieve immense pain during this time. While some couples take these days of the month as “Hands Off” days, there are still other couples out there who tried it out and became very satisfied. And the pain? Gone.

The benefits of having regular sex are astounding. Obviously, there’s more to it than meets the eye. So the next time you feel menstrual discomfort, or are having a hard time sleeping or staying calm for an important meeting the next day, try having sex. It’s more than getting lucky

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How To Invest In Stock Market Using A Limited Budget

People have been looking to increase their money in many ways. There are those that set aside a portion of their income for savings. This is one way to save but it will take time before you will really have a significant amount. Some invest in real estate. Again this is a very good investment because it is visible but it is very hard to sell. While there are those that invest in savings and real estate, there are also a lot of people who have made a lot of profits by investing in the stock market. You can also share their success because anyone has the potential to become successful in stock market investment.

You can start your stock market investment using a limited budget. Remember that you don’t have to exhaust all your savings as a capital in your investment in the stock market. As a first tip, stock market investment doesn’t need big investments. Just use your spare money when you decide to invest. Your spare money has smaller risks involved while your big investment has bigger risks. Here are some tips that you can us to help you invest in stock market using a limited budget.

First, research the stocks that you want to invest in. Get to know the history and the entire trend that is associated with the stock. By studying the stocks, you’ll get a pattern in the movement of the stocks. You’ll be able to know when the stock prices are cheaper. This is the time that you will buy stocks. You’ll also know when the stocks become profitable and the factors that influence its profitability. Once you did your research, you won’t waste your investment money no matter how small it is.

the Stock MarketThe most

the Stock MarketThe most

Be patient. The stock market investment requires a lot of patience before you become adept at it. As they say, great things start from small beginnings. You really have to start from something small. Don’t expect to be successful also on your first try. When you fail, take note of your mistakes and make that as a basis on your next attempt. Your small investment will become bigger once you get a small victory. You can then use your profits to have a bigger investment. Slowly and patiently, your small investment will become bigger and bigger.

Lastly, know the right time to withdraw and when to sell. This is where other investors fail most of the time. When you see that the stocks have become negative, be patient. There will become a time that the negative will recover and become positive again. However, don’t hold on to positive stocks also. There are many investors who hold on to their stocks especially if it’s increasing and increasing. They want to earn more and so they won’t withdraw it. On the next day, they found out that their stocks have gone down and they end up having less money that what they already have. Studying your stocks, being patient and knowing the right time to withdraw and sell your stocks is the key to a successful stock investment.

New York Stock Exchange reacts

New York Stock Exchange reacts

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Stack Up Points That Impress Your Boss

You have just landed a job in the corporate world and if there’s one mission at this time in your in life, one that takes the highest relevance in advancing your career, it’s to impress your boss. Here are ten things you can do to make a positive impression on your boss within the first three months of work or during your probation.

(1) Do more than is asked or take initiative

Impressing people often comes when what your deliver goes beyond expectations. That applies in customer management as well as to the office bosses. It can be as simple as submitting a report earlier than expected, or doing some legwork to visit other offices to get more information than what is contained in your task brief.

(2) Don’t assume to know

Never make assumptions about a task if a simple honest question directed to your boss can make things clearer and easier to accomplish. You could end up spending more time correcting your work than if you had asked to be clarified right from the start. Remember that you are new to the company and asking questions is actually expected. Just be cautious not to ask questions that can be answered if you had read the materials in your assigned task.

compliments to your boss

compliments to your boss

(3) Do your best in any assigned task

You may not like the work assigned to you, but this is often a test of how you perform. Never refuse a task assigned by your boss and consider it an opportunity to learn and prove your worth to the company. Strive to do your best and for sure, your best efforts will not go unnoticed during your probationary period.

(4) Never make your boss look bad

The opposite is just as effective, make your boss look good, not just to the rest of the staff but to his/her boss and colleagues in the company. If you are asked to attend a meeting with him or her, be sure to prepare the materials and anticipate the data your boss needs to look good in that meeting.

(5) Be helpful to your officemates

Always have a ready hand to assist officemates in need. It can be as simple as telling them where online they can get the data they need, or helping them take a call when they’re out. Someone who is works well with the team impresses the boss that you are a team player and not a loner. Team players are highly valued by the company which expects the workforce to work as a unified team.

(6) Admit and apologize for your mistake

As a freshman in the company, your boss is generous with lapses at this time. But coming off clean right away when you realize your mistake not only gives you more time to remediate any error, but you get points for being honest and humble.

Hello to your new officemates

Hello to your new officemates

(7) Arrive early and go home a bit late

At least be punctual. But if you can arrive early so that your boss sees you working when he/she arrives, you’re earning points. Never ever turn up late or when the boss sees you arriving later than he does. On quitting time, be the last to leave and ask your boss if there anything else that needs be done which you can do at home. Better yet, don’t leave until your boss does.

(8) Stay out of office politics

Refrain from engaging in office gossip or politics. Never talk back against your officemates or the boss, and never speak ill about the company policies. If you have to meet with your boss about a certain issue or problem, always come prepared with your recommended solutions. Don’t give your boss problems he has to think through; otherwise, every time your boss sees you, he will try to avoid you like the plague.

(9) Learn fast

Your boss can’t fail to notice if you’re a fast learner or not and this can be another added points to passing your probation period. Learn not only the technical ins and outs that college did not teach you but also how the office bureaucratic dynamics process the work. Nothing pleases the boss more than having his staffs learn the ropes, as it were, and not be penalized for work lapses resulting from a failure to understand how to get things done.

(10) Always look your best

Looking neat all throughout the eight hours of work can be difficult but you should always strive to look presentable all the time. Even your cubicle work space should be well-organized and uncluttered. A messy cubicle speaks volumes about how your mind works and this can be easily seen by your boss. At the very least, be sure to have a clean and organized cubicle before leaving for home.

As a young office worker fresh out of college, impressing the boss is not that difficult because your boss often has a low expectation of new hires and is more forgiving of your shortfalls than with experienced older workers. Always be conscious to impress the boss positively and you can expect to breeze through your probation period.

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